Customer Service Essentials


Consumers expect first-rate customer service; if their experience fails to meet the standard, they may take their custom elsewhere. Organizations that deliver excellent customer service can get ahead of the competition, so companies must ensure they consistently provide high-quality customer service.

Designed for customer-facing roles, our interactive Customer Service Essentials course helps perfect your customer service skills. You’ll gain psychological insight into verbal and non-verbal communication, learn best practices for customer servicing and complaints handling, and discover how to reinforce brand values, inspire loyalty, and secure repeat business.

Course duration: 60 minutes

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What Should I Expect From the Course?

The course is efficient and effective to use and takes between 50 – 60 minutes to complete.

Upon completion, you will gain a deeper understanding of Customer Service Excellence.


After completing this course, learners will understand:

  • Principles of customer loyalty and how to build it through interactions.
  • Persuasive and effective communication via phone, face-to-face, and writing.
  • Utilizing a “toolkit” of customer service skills to provide excellent service.
  • Understanding the customer complaint resolution cycle and dealing with common challenges.


Topics explored in this course:

  • Customer loyalty.
  • Verbal and non-verbal communication techniques.
  • Communication through face-to-face, telephone, and written channels.
  • Essential customer service skills and building rapport.
  • Adopting a “customer first” attitude and maintaining consistency.
  • Managing customer expectations and utilizing a customer service toolkit.
  • Resolving complaints and building resilience. 

This is an Online eLearning Course

Candidates will receive a certificate on completion