Cyber Security Awareness – Phishing


Crafted by cyber security experts, this course aims to enrich learners’ understanding of one of the rapidly proliferating cyber threats – phishing. It is beneficial for individuals working with digital devices and equips them with insights into information security hazards, attack strategies, and effective measures to protect against such threats.

Course Duration: 45 mins

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Why Take Our Cyber Security Awareness Course?

In today’s world, where 90% of malware is disseminated through phishing attacks, educating your employees on identifying and evading the latest campaigns is crucial for safeguarding your cyber security. Whether you use a computer for your job or personal use, you are vulnerable to cyber threats. Cyber criminals can exploit your personal data to undertake activities or cause damage on a much larger scale by breaching your employer’s data through you. It is imperative to equip yourself, and this course can assist you in achieving that. This is an online eLearning course and candidates will receive a certificate on completion.

What Should I Expect From the Course?

This course aims to foster your understanding of the concept and mechanisms of phishing and will cover the following areas:

  • Introduction to phishing.
  • Phishing’s historical evolution.
  • Reasons for the utilization of phishing.
  • Diverse types of attacks.
  • Techniques to remain secure.


Upon finishing this course, learners will be able to:

  • Understand the definition and variations of phishing.
  • Explain the rationale behind employing phishing attacks.
  • Evaluate how cyber criminals can exploit your digital footprint for phishing and social engineering purposes.
  • Analyze the increase in cybercrime and the significance of phishing as a primary tool and tactic for attacks.
  • Differentiate between various phishing attacks and grasp the potential dissimilarities in their complexity.
  • Gain knowledge of the optimal methods for responding to phishing attacks inside or outside the workplace.