Mental Health Essentials


Undiagnosed and deteriorating mental health conditions can have distressing consequences, including loss of self-esteem, relationship breakdowns, work-related problems, and unhealthy coping mechanisms.

People of all ages, gender and race, may experience mental health issues. Our mental health awareness training is designed to help you learn effective ways of supporting those suffering from mental health issues.

This is an online eLearning course, and candidates will receive a certificate on completion.

Course duration: 30 minutes

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Why Take This Course?

Mental Health awareness has never been more prominent than it is today. In a post-pandemic world that continues to see rapid social changes, learning new coping mechanisms can help you navigate through challenging times and help you better manage stress.

Our online course in Mental Health Awareness has been created by healthcare training experts. It seeks to shine a light on any issues related to mental health disorders and ensure learners are equipped with useful knowledge on how to identify mental health problems and support those suffering from poor mental health–which could include themselves.

This is an online eLearning course and candidates will receive a certificate on completion.

What Should I Expect From the Course?

This concise yet informative course aims to delve into the following subjects:

  • Understanding mental health.
  • Identifying mental health needs.
  • Exploring wellbeing, issues, and mental illnesses.
  • Examining various mental health conditions.
  • Depression symptoms.
  • Learning support systems.
  • Understanding stress and the stress curve.
  • Recognizing signs of burnout.
  • Exploring ways to maintain good mental health.
  • Coping in crisis.


Once the course is completed, learners can:

  • Understand the causes and consequences of mental health conditions.
  • Recognize indicators and symptoms of individuals coping with mental health issues.
  • Understand mental health needs, conditions, and severity.
  • Identify depression signs and symptoms.
  • Recognize stress signs and symptoms.
  • Identify burnout signs and symptoms.
  • Know how to maintain good mental health.
  • Understand how to support colleagues and family members.
  • Acknowledge when you need support.