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Accreditation & Verification

Orion is accredited by The ANSI National Accreditation Board (ANAB) verifying our auditors have the experience in your industry to support you through the certification journey.

Being ANAB accredited verifies that we have fulfilled all management system requirements to provide you with a quality certification service. You can rest assured we know our field and are abreast of the latest industry updates. You will receive the most value from your management system certification, from an experienced, accredited registrar with a reputation for service and value.

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Orion Registrars - ISO and Professional Certification Services
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Certification Logo & Badges

Get noticed in your sector by proudly promoting your internationally recognized certification logos and badges.

Achieving award-winning certification is a great tool to show your organization’s credibility in your industry. Being certified tells your clients and potential clients that your organization meets the international standards to offer them the products and services at the quality they demand. Once you’re certified, promote your achievements with a logo and badge, but please ensure you read the guidelines to displaying them carefully.

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