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Cookie Policy​

We use cookies because they are essential for the effective operation of our website, and can help improve your web browsing experience. Cookies may also be used for the personalisation of ads and to tailor the products and services offered to you.

What is a cookie?​

Cookies, formally known as HTTP cookies, are small data files stored in a browser’s directory to collect information.

Cookies can be used to:

  • Help a website work more efficiently (by remembering what items or pages were last looked at)
  • Allow the visitor to perform certain tasks (such as storing items in a shopping basket or logging into a restricted area)
  • Provide information to the website owner about how visitors use and navigate the website.

You can find out more about cookies by visiting:

You can also find out about how Google will use your personal data when you give consent to our Cookie Consent Notice:

Types of cookies we use

We use cookies because they are essential for the effective operation of our website, and to personalise and improve your browsing experience. Cookies help us improve the performance of the website as it remembers your preferences and we can make tweaks based on visitor behaviour and statistics.

We may place cookies on your device to help us serve relevant adverts to you when you visit other websites. By selecting “Accept” in our Cookie Consent Notice, you agree that Orion Registrar, Inc. may collect data about you and use cookies or related technologies as described in our Privacy Policy.

The categories of cookies we use on the website and the functions they perform are listed below.

Necessary cookies

These cookies are essential for the website to operate correctly and cannot be disabled without ruining the usability of the website. The law does not require us to ask consent to use these cookies and they will always be placed when you use this website.

N.B Where possible, we delete these cookies when you leave the website.

See below a list of the necessary cookies we use and their purpose:

Cookie Name Cookie Purpose Owner
AEC Ensure that requests within a browsing session are made by the user, and not by other sites. Google
__cf_bm To read and filter requests from bots. CloudFlare
hubspotutk To keep track of a visitor’s identity. HubSpot
hubspotapi This cookie allows the user to access the app with the correct permissions. HubSpot
hubspotapi-prefs This is used with the hubspotapi cookie to remember whether the user checked the “remember me” box (controls the expiration of the main cookie’s authentication). HubSpot
hubspotapi-csrf This is used for CSRF prevention – preventing third-party websites from accessing your data. HubSpot
messagesUtk To recognize visitors who chat with Orion Registrar, Inc. via the website’s chat flows tool. HubSpot
__hs_opt_out To store cookie consent preferences. HubSpot
tk_ai To store a unique user ID. WooCommerce
wp-settings-time-* Time at which wp-settings-{user} was set. WP Core
wp-settings-* To store user preferences and to persist a user’s wp-admin configuration. WP Core
WordPress_logged_in_* To Store logged-in users. WP Core
wordpress_test_cookie To test if cookies can be set. WP Core
WordPress_sec_* To provide protection against hackers, store account details. WP Core
wp-postpass_* To password protect WordPress Content. WP Core


Tracking Cookies

Tracking cookies collect data from visitors such as their browsing activity, history, geographic location, purchase trends, and more. Tracking cookies are designed to follow a site visitor across multiple sites or services, often to gather data for marketing purposes, such as targeted ads.

See below a list of tracking cookies we use and their purpose:

Cookie Name Cookie Purpose Owner
__hssrc To determine if the visitor has restarted their browser. HubSpot
__hstc To track visitors. HubSpot
__hssc To keep track of sessions. HubSpot
1P_JAR To provide ad delivery or retargeting. Google Ads Optimization


Functional Cookies

Functional cookies remember the choices you make on a website, improving your experience.

Note that Orion Registrar Inc. does not currently use functional cookies.


Targeting and Advertising Cookies

Targeting and advertising cookies are used to gather visitor information to display personalised and relevant advertisements to them.

Note that Orion Registrar Inc. does not currently use analytics cookies.

How to disable Cookies

If you wish to disable cookies, you can do so through your browser settings. This process will vary from browser to browser which is why we have provided a step-by-step process, explaining how to disable cookies in some of the most common browsers:

Google Chrome:
1. Launch Google Chrome.
2. Click on the little three dots in the top-right corner.
3. Select Settings.
4. Select Advanced.
5. Below the “Privacy and Security” section, click “Content settings”
6. Click “Cookies”.
7. To disable cookies, click the switch next to “Allow sites to save and read cookie data (recommended)”.

1. Launch Safari.
2. Click on Safari in the top-left corner of your main menu.
3. Select Preferences.
4. Click Privacy.
5. Tick “Block all cookies”.
6. Confirm the warning message.

Mozilla Firefox:
1. Launch Firefox.
2. Click on the three lines at the top-right of your screen.
3. Click Options.
4. Select the Privacy & Security category.
5. Select the option to block Third-Party Cookies and Trackers.
6. Find the “Cookie and Site Data” section and select “Block cookies and site data”.
7. Select the “All cookies” option. Most browsers allow you to view, delete and block cookies. Depending on which cookies you disable, the website may not operate properly. To find out how to manage cookies, visit

Contact details

If you have any further questions or comments regarding how we use cookies on this website, please contact us at:

Email: [email protected]

Post: Data Protection, Orion Registar Inc, 502 W. 80th Avenue, Ste. 225, Arvada, Colorado 80003-2128

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