What Is a Quality Management System?

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Quality is an essential component of corporate strategy, not merely a perk. More than 270,000 US businesses have noted this by implementing ISO 9001, a globally recognized quality management standard. Implementing a quality management system (QMS) can be a successful strategy for increasing customer satisfaction, cutting waste, and enhancing the chance to win contracts – and it can be crucial for promoting corporate success.

Understanding quality management and where an ISO 9001-certified QMS fits into the puzzle is a critical step to boosting your corporation’s quality credentials, giving you a competitive edge, saving money, and enhancing your reputation.

ISO 9001 certification requirements

What Is a Quality Management System?

A quality management system is a complete framework created to ensure that businesses continually satisfy stakeholders’ and consumers’ expectations, in a systematic and organized manner. This is accomplished by directing all business processes toward achieving the highest quality standards.

A QMS typically has a number of components, such as:

  • Quality policy
  • Quality objectives
  • Organizational structure and responsibilities
  • Distinct process and responsibility definitions
  • Centralized data administration
  • Methods for ongoing improvement

For example, centralized data ensures that all important data and documentation are readily available and standardized, encouraging uniformity. Strong data management aids in making educated decisions, while a clear assignment of duties ensures accountability.

ISO 9001 is one of the most widely used QMS standards. Over one million businesses and organizations in over 170 countries are ISO 9001 certified. It offers the requirements for an efficient and globally recognized QMS, facilitating cross-border business contacts.

Organizations with ISO 9001 certification demonstrate their dedication to quality and ongoing improvement, which boosts their credibility in the market. Firms looking to improve performance and customer satisfaction may find that implementing a QMS such as ISO 9001 can change the game.

what is quality management

Benefits of a QMS Certified to ISO 9001

How can a quality management system be a game changer for corporations, particularly those that are ISO 9001 certified? The advantages of implementing a QMS are numerous, affecting various parts of an organization—from increased efficiency and compliance to improved customer satisfaction and the creation of new business prospects.

Meeting Statutory Regulations and Laws

Compliance with legal and regulatory standards at local, state, and federal level is a concern for many businesses.

An ISO 9001-certified QMS offers a systematic framework for identifying, monitoring, and adhering to numerous requirements, ensuring that your business complies with all relevant statutory and regulatory duties. This all-encompassing strategy is essential for lowering legal responsibility and boosting commercial reputation. For example, a single non-compliance event costs businesses an average of $5.87m in lost revenue.

Implementing an ISO 9001-certified QMS can successfully reduce these expensive risks, aid firms in their legal duties, and improve their standing with clients, partners, investors, and employees.

Driving Efficiencies

The key to a successful business operation is efficiency.

An ISO 9001-certified QMS allows enterprises to operate more effectively by directing their efforts toward a single objective. Operations can be streamlined, waste and duplication reduced, and internal expenses can be decreased. A QMS acts as a template for efficiency, resulting in increased output and a potentially greater profit margin. Inefficient processes can cost businesses between 20 and 30 per cent of their annual revenue. That represents a large waste of funds that could be used to support growth projects.

Access to Tenders and Contracts

Before engaging in contracts, many industries—especially those in government and commercial sectors—require ISO 9001 certification. By obtaining this accreditation, businesses can access a broader range of prospects, increasing their market potential and competitive edge. A sizable number of companies globally have improved their chances of winning bids and contracts by acquiring this accreditation. By joining their ranks, you can improve your company’s market access and competitiveness.

Building Customer Trust

Quality and consistency are what today’s customers demand, and a QMS helps corporations meet those demands.

A QMS aids in fostering client trust and loyalty by regularly addressing their requirements and improving their satisfaction. This frequently generates repeat business, recommendations, and a solid reputation in the industry. 73% of consumers feel that a positive experience is important in influencing their brand loyalty. Therefore, a QMS can help promote a consistent, high-quality customer experience that can build customer trust and loyalty, both of which are essential for the expansion and longevity of a business.

what is ISO 9001

Increasing Employee Engagement

Business outcomes are significantly influenced by corporate culture.

A QMS encourages an organization-wide quality culture. It promotes employee ownership and participation by explicitly identifying processes and roles. This raises the organization’s overall effectiveness while boosting morale and lowering turnover. Interestingly, businesses with highly engaged workers beat their competitors in terms of earnings per share by 147%.

Enhancing Workflows

A quality management system helps to streamline workflows and reduce miscommunication and errors.

A QMS offers a structured approach to managing and enhancing workflows. This method provides transparent guidelines and expectations, assisting in removing ambiguity and decreasing errors. A more efficient and streamlined operational flow is often the result. Businesses can boost productivity by up to 20% by streamlining their procedures. A QMS is, therefore, an essential instrument for obtaining such performance upgrades.

Improving Client Satisfaction

A QMS is all about prioritizing the needs of the client.

It encourages companies to recognize and anticipate client demands. Improved goods, services, and customer relations result from this. Even a mere 5% improvement in customer satisfaction might result in a 95% profit increase. As a result, a QMS’s customer-centric strategy can increase satisfaction and significantly affect the bottom line.

Opening New Business Opportunities

A QMS can be a strategic instrument for locating and winning new business.

A QMS enables businesses to comprehend who is impacted by their job, what they can expect, and how these expectations might be realized by evaluating the broader context of the company. This strategic perspective can encourage innovation and promote business expansion. Consequently, a QMS can be crucial in fostering economic success by empowering organizations to recognize and seize possibilities for innovation.

How ISO 9001 Can Help Your Business

Acquiring ISO 9001 accreditation for your QMS demonstrates your dedication to quality, increasing trust among customers, stakeholders, and partners. This globally recognized standard confirms that your procedures satisfy international excellence norms, laying the groundwork for economic success.

Orion Registrar provides full ISO 9001 Quality Management System certification services to assist your firm in achieving the ISO 9001 requirements. Orion also offers specialist ISO 9001 training courses for people looking to expand their understanding and execution of these quality management principles.

Get a quote from Orion for ISO 9001 certification now. Please also read our ISO 9001 Checklist.


Written by

Julian Russell

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