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Site-Sampling for your multi-site company –  Program Savings

The advantages of a site-sampling certification include the encouragement of a company-wide perspective when analyzing data and making decisions, the exchange of information and best practices across sites, and enhanced site-to-site consistency. Many multi-site certifications are eligible for site-sampling, which reduces both audit time and costs. Site-sampling means that not all of the sites will be visited at each audit, but each will remain eligible to be selected for any given audit. The central office shall be audited during the Certification Audit and once a year thereafter. Some of the qualifying criteria for site sampling would include, but not be limited to:

  • Organizations having a management system governing the activities at all the sites.
    The processes at all the sites have to be substantially of the same kind and have to be operated to similar methods and procedures.
  • Organizations which conduct their business through linked processes in different locations providing all other provisions of the Orion Multi-Site Program are met.
  • The organization’s management system shall be under a centrally controlled and administered plan and subject to central management review.
  • The organization should demonstrate its ability to collect and analyze data from all sites including the central office, and also demonstrate its authority and ability to initiate organizational change if required.

Not all organizations fulfilling the definition of “multi-site” will be eligible for sampling and not all management systems standards are suitable for consideration for multi-site certifications. The experienced staff at Orion will work with each company on a case-by-case basis. Feel free to call to discuss your individual multi-site needs.

A Multi-Standard Audit (Integrated Management Systems) Savings

For qualifying companies choosing to integrate their multi-standard management systems, various quality, compliance, and environmental initiatives may be merged into one coherent system. By integrating responsibilities and centralizing control, a company may reduce duplication of required processes and records. For example, management review, document control, internal audits, training, and corrective action are required by both ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. Thus, a company could achieve a reduction in everything from top management time, to internal audits, to forms, if you were to combine these standards in your audit.

An Integrated Audit can also be a subordinate standard/program

This contains part of one or more standards or programs. An example would be RIOS, which contains parts of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and parts of ISO 45001. In addition, it is more cost-effective to conduct a single integrated management system audit than the two or more separate audits that would be required by individual certifications. Integrated multi-standard certification is not offered by all registrars. This is yet another cost-saving service provided by Orion Registrar, Inc.

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